SPS Services

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[restab title=”Service” active=”active”]You change your engine oil and your air filter, why are you ignoring your suspension fluid? A service at SPS is a full cleaning of the insides of your suspension, including fresh oil and new seals (unless you specify otherwise). To keep your equipment performing at its best, we recommend servicing your forks every six to twelve months and your shock every one to two years.


[restab title=”Revalve”]When your bike just isn’t handling the way you want it to, a revalve is usually the way to go. This is a great way to get much better performance from your suspension without shelling out for aftermarket components. We fine tune the valves for your weight and riding style and ability, and maximize functionality, high and low speed compression ratios and rebound speed. All revalves include a full service.

[restab title=”Raise/Lower”]Looking for that extra travel on your Adventure? Or just looking to get a toe on the ground? Whether you want to go up, or down, SPS can make it happen. We raise KTM Adventures to any height that KTM has ever made them, using all KTM OEM parts. We also lower all bikes in a completely reversible way that does not effect bike geometry at all, unlike many other lowering solutions. Keep your bike handling the way it was meant to, while still being able to come to a stop without using a picnic table. All raising and lowering can only be done as an add-on to a revalve or a service because of the level of work involved.


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