At the heart of Super Plush’s tuning business is the set up and revalving of KTM off road bikes. We also tune the other major brands with equal success.

We invest great time and effort perfecting our settings with recreational off road riders, in addition to our professional racing efforts in the Dakar rally, the most challenging off-road race in the world, bar-none. For information regarding your suspension settings and other tech stuff, take a look here.

All of this development directly benefits all of our off-road customers, and has led to the development of our SPS Superkit for the WP PDS shock, which offers a huge benefit in off-road performance and addresses some of the inherent limitations in the KTM/WP linkless rear suspension arrangement.

Our SPS Superkit is derived from our Dakar program, and as such offers a race quality setup without harshness, the kind of setup that lets our racers survive 700 mile days in the saddle, and 6000 miles in two weeks.

When you are ready to get your dirtbike working great, send us your suspension. We will have you re-sprung and re-valved to increase your enjoyment (and speed!).

Contact us today with specific questions about your needs.