The KTM 950/990 Adventure has become a tried and true option and distinguished itself asĀ one of the premier adventure dual-sport bikes in the category. The 950 Super Enduro has added an even more specialized option. Now that the 1190 and 1290 have been introduced, we work hard to continue sorting out solutions for each of them.

The 690 Enduro is also proving an excellent adventure platform, and we have settings for the 690E that are second to none.

At Super Plush we have worked hard to achieve a proper spring balance and an optimized damper setting. Testing with accomplished off-road racers Jonah Street and Casey McCoy has given us the opportunity to develop settings that are not only great at speed, but also comfortable, not harsh, and above all, “Super Plush”. For Tech information regarding your Adventure bike, click here.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • revalving to optimize fork and shock function, to meet your specific needs.
  • heavier fork springs (.50 through .70kg/mm available)
  • custom made lighter shock springs for lighter riders
  • lowering to adjust the ride height or stroke length of your suspension
  • raise your standard suspension to “S” spec or lower from “S” spec to standard

Send us your adventure suspension today. We will have you re-sprung and re-valved to increase your enjoyment of this exceptional machine.

Contact us today with specific questions about your needs.